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Omaha, NE, USA

©2017 by R.G.F.


Music For The Masses

     Don't just take our word for it ;)
Here's what others have to say about RGF

Music Industry News,

   "In a mainstream world this is our great escape from that processed and packaged music destined just for the sake of selling albums, these people comes to show us a way outside of the shiny plastic box we’re living in."


"a roller-coaster mix of emotions, vocals and instrumentals all brought together to create a charge"

Sleeping Bag Studios,

  "RGF clearly knows where to add the punch and when to turn up the energy, when to challenge us as listeners, and when to let us get our groove on."

Natalie Perez,

  "RGF is an act that simply came out of hiding, with a track such as "Spanish Orange", that just sets them far apart from all the other bands out there currently."

Warlock Asylum International News,

   "Simply put, this is rock music the way the western world likes it"


The Omaha View

  "A little dirty, maybe even a little political but a trip none the less. The journey you take is written in the songs of the album, and the leader of that journey will be the band, RGF."


                    THE BAND